A new algorithm for collecting social media data by CoCo

Social media data analysis has gained popularity. The challenge is collecting, analyzing, and updating large volumes of data.

Therefore, we face unique challenges in data gathering and updating our customers’ Instagram pages as a social media analytics platform.

CoCo automatically updates your data and converts it to a standard format.

This is how CoCo can ensure that the data you get is always accurate, complete, and high-quality. In this blog, we have decided to share our updating data plan.

So we need to condense all the data we have collected into an easy-to-browse report that even our least data-savvy customers can understand.

Before each report, let’s start with this question:

What is social media data?

Social media data refers to all of the raw insights and information collected from social media activity. Social media data tracks how individuals engage with your content. It gathers numbers, percentages, and statistics to infer the performance of your social media strategy.

Why is collecting social media data important?

Collecting and analyzing social media data can help you improve your marketing efforts, stay on top of emerging trends, and continuously refine and improve your social media strategy.

With the right social media analytics platform like CoCo, you can achieve all these goals on Instagram. But do you want to be sure your measures include the last data?

You can see when the data was last updated by checking this chart. 

CoCo updating  social media data

As you see, CoCo ranks pages that are added to the watchlist or not based on the number of followers.

Therefore, the data update time of each page will be different according to the number of followers

CoCo has two unique methods to update data:

1:  how to update the data of pages that have not been added to the CoCo watchlist

2: how to update the data of pages that have been added to the CoCo watchlist:

In this case, CoCo considers two important factors for updating data

  1. That watchlist belong to an active user (a user who has been two weeks since his last log in)
  2. That watchlist does not belong to active users

For example, level 1 pages that belong to an active user’s watchlist are updated every three days, or pages in levels two through six are updated every two days.

By looking at the table, you can see the time of updating the pages you added to the CoCo watchlist.

If you like to update your information whenever you want, you can follow the instructions below.

1: Go to the watchlist.

2: Select the page you want.

3: Click the “Update Now” icon (top right of the page).

4: Update your data to analyze the pages.

We hope our tips on gathering data will help you to propel your entire business. If you do, however, need help, we are here to help you out. Contact us today

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