How can digital marketers collaborate with the right influencers?

With a well-developed strategy, collaborate with the right influencer can help you market your brand more effectively!

Today, the Influence strategy is going to be an order of magnitude harder for brands when most influencers are not building their authority. But even in this era of digital marketing, influencers play a vital role in grabbing sales to business because of which many businesses and brands are opting for influencer marketing techniques.

So, how can marketers collaborate with the right influencer in 2021?

Let’s start our blog with this fact:

Most marketers don’t know how to collaborate with the right influencer

Do a Google search for “How to find influencers?”

most marketers don't know how to collabrate with the right influencer

Then just look at the search results to see the reveal thinking about finding the right influencer.

Most marketers only use social media to find the right influencer.

While many marketers are still hung up on a reach, the focus on engagement and conversation is becoming more mainstream.

To collaborate with the right influencer, you need to look beyond social media. Shares, likes, and comments are the most visible and least impactful of marketing, but they aren’t always correlated with awareness, traffic, and demand.

So, how to collaborate with the right influencer?

There are many ways companies go about finding influencers. However, before getting into how they find them, we should point out the type of influencer that exists.

Mark Schaefer has a great perspective on this; He says you can boil influencers down to three strategic tires. Some people say there are 12 or even 15 types of influencers, but only three types explain how the influencer strategy works.

At the very top, there are celebrities, entertains, athletes, media stars. This is how it all started. Celebrity influencers are people who have audiences with about 500,000+ engaged followers. Working with them is often reserved for enterprises because prices are way too high for most businesses.

The second kind of influencer is the creator. These self-made influencers stand out through their commitment to content, blogs, podcasts, and TikTok videos. These influencers are more accessible and have traditionally interacted with specific audiences such as technology, sport, fashion, or foods.

They have something between 10,000 and 200,000 engaged followers. These are the influencers that companies frequently target, and they often already have a set workflow for brand promotion, how much they charge, how they go about creating content, etc. 

The third type of influencer is the advocate. An advocate has a smaller audience, perhaps in the thousands, but they can sell stuff.

What does this mean to you and your marketing?

There are two kinds of people on the internet:

·    1% content creator

·    99% of content consumers

Just a small percentage of people online are creators. They are influencers, bloggers, and journalists.

Smart marketers, especially in B2B, are finding and collaborating with the content creator. If you own a startup and you want to borrow a powerful audience, there is no better way to achieve rapid awareness than collaborating with top creators in your field.

If you find an influencer with fewer followers but more expertise in your field, you two have a causal connection. This means you can attract potential customers and share your works in the deserved area.

Here are 7 tips to find and collaborate with the right influencers:  

1. Know your goals before you start

2. Know the type of influencer campaign you want to run

3. Find influencers related to your industry

4. Find influencers you promote your competitors

5. Find influencers that share your audience.

6. Understand the authority of the influencer.

7. Now it’s time to build a list of possible collaborators

So, you’re going to want to set up some predetermined criteria to determine the type of influencer your brand is seeking.

Consider audience reach and engagement.

Take note of the engagement levels between the audience and influencer·   A blogger with 5,000 followers may be more valuable than one with 20,000 followers if those 5,000 followers are passionate, engaged and therefore more likely to be influenced

Also, consider the demographics of their network.

Don’t assume that the demographics of the influencer will reflect those of their audience!

Don’t forget to check the quality of their content

You want to be sure that this influencer’s existing content will align nicely with the message and values of your brand

Most importantly, find a good social media monitoring tool that can save you the time and manual doing all of this yourself.

Social media monitoring tool for find and collaborate with the right influencers

Once you’ve built your list of possible collaborators, you can use CoCo.

How does it work?

1: You can add your list of influencers to the CoCo watchlist 

2:  after adding influencers to the watchlist, you can check their performance separately  through the following criteria

 Period Engagement rate 

Total engagement rate 

 Total Engagement rate  growth

Post engagement  

Engagement on the weekdays 

Follower growth

after reviewing these criteria, you can now find the right influencer with more confidence.

wait, you can even compare several influencers.

That’s it! with just a few simple clicks you can find the most suitable influencer.