step-by-step Guide to understand Instagram analytics by using CoCo

You can improve your Instagram marketing strategy by getting insights from Instagram analytics. Additionally, you can know more about your audience, which will help you target them more effectively in the future.

CoCo is one of the best tools to measure your Instagram analytics. It gives you powerful insights to analyze your Instagram.

Not only is it a good tool for analytics, but it also uses the data to advise you when to post and what to post.
 You can get all the insights at your fingertips by using CoCo.

In this article, we will see how to use CoCo for analyzing Instagram.

CoCo Instagram analytics FAQS

How to start using CoCo?

1: Above the CoCo dashboard on the left, you can search your own or others’ Instagram ID and add it to CoCo’s watchlist.

2: You can add a list of various public Instagram accounts to the CoCo watchlist.

3: Start analyzing these pages by clicking on any of these accounts.

4: Do not forget to specify the date you want to analyze in the CoCo calendar before starting the analysis.

Instagram metrics analytics

CoCo will show you the main parameters of Instagram. These criteria are:

  • Period engagement rate
  • Total engagement rate 
  • Average like & comment 
  • Post per day

 But Metrics without context won’t help you take action.

Instagram content analytics

  • How do you post our content by looking at our CoCo insights?
  •  How about posting content at a different time a week and analyzing the data for your future content?

We will answer these questions by analyzing CoCo’s visual charts.

Chart 1: Engagement in Weekdays

In this chart, you can see the engagement rate of each day separately so that you can compare them.

Engagement in Weekdays shows two points;

The day of the week you have the most interaction.      

Content that has gained better engagement on this day.

These two points will help you publish your best content on the best day of the week.

Chart 2: Engagement Hourly

With this chart, you can gain insight into audience activity and engagement along with a recommendation for the best posting time.

Click on one of the circles to see the following information

Day: Sunday

Reaction: 19k 

Engagement: 3.9%

Post count: 5

Greener circles indicate posts that have received more interaction when uploaded at the best time.

Chart 3: Post Engagement

By setting a specific period in this chart, you can observe the process of increasing or decreasing your page engagement. his chart to monitor

If you use this chart to monitor your engagement changes, you will have more organized strategies for producing content.

Chart 4: Post Type

This pie chart shows you what type of post you have used the most. You will also see the difference between the posts based on the average likes, comments, and engagement.

With this chart, you probably do not need to ask yourself what kind of content is better; because now the answer to your question is clear.

Chart 5: Total Engagement Growth

By clicking on any part of the chart, you can see the engagement percentage of that part.

Instagram competition analytics

How do I analyze the followers of someone else’s Instagram account, like influencers, to ensure the quality of their audience?

For those who want a radical analytics solution for Instagram that provides them with the ability to dig deeper into the data and find actionable insights, CoCo is an ideal choice

Whether you want to track follower engagement, follower growth, or hashtag activity, CoCo has you covered.  

CoCo helps you keep a close eye on your competitor’s activities on Instagram.

Apart from that, CoCo has some features up its sleeve. Users can see Instagram engagement and community statistics. Moreover, it makes it easy for businesses to find the right influencers in their niche.

Do you want to see what your competitors are doing? CoCo has a Competitor Analysis feature where you can add up to 20 accounts and see them all next to each other to compare and contrast.

How do I compare accounts on CoCo? (Engagement, followers, and growth rate)?

1: Click on the comparison icon, top left

2: select at least two pages to compare (Make sure you pre-add the pages to the CoCo Watchlist)

You can use this feature to compare the growth changes of followers and compare engagement rates with likes and comments for each post.

Instagram campaign analytics

by adding the name and link of your ad campaign in CoCo and setting goals in three areas of engagement, comment, and like ( according to your main priority), you get accurate and instant reports on the campaign post’s quality and popularity.

How can I start tracking the campaign?

1: the first step is to click on the campaign icon and then choose your campaign’s name and goals.

2: the second step is to select and copy the link of your campaign post and the day when the campaign started

3: click on the campaign at the end.

Can we get the campaign report?

1: click the campaign icon 

2: create your campaign goals 

3: click the view reports

How to make sure all CoCo data is up to date?

You can see when the data was last updated by checking this article: CoCo strategies for updating data, an improved algorithm for collecting social media data

If you like to update your information whenever you want, follow the instructions below.

1: Go to the watchlist.

2: Select the page you want.

3: Click the Update Now icon (top right of the page).

4: Update your data to analyze the pages.

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