How to analyze Instagram stories with ten hacks?

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Is it worthwhile to analyze Instagram stories? Yes, it is! Analyzing Instagram stories’ performance can help you identify trends and make informed decisions about the content you post. It can help you create engaging content that resonates with your target audience and drives more engagement.

Getting attention and engagement on Instagram is ultra-competitive. With so many creators and brands vying for viewers’ limited time, optimizing your content strategically is crucial.

That’s where Instagram analytics comes in.

The data and insights available in Instagram Analytics provide a treasure trove of information to improve your stories. But digging into the numbers and knowing how to act on them can be confusing.

In this article, I’ll explain ten hacks you can use to leverage Instagram analytics to perfect your story content. I’ll break down the key metrics to pay attention to and actionable tips to implement the insights from the data.

Whether you’re looking for ways to identify your top-performing content, decrease exits, improve watch time, tailor content to your audience, or capitalize on trends, these hacks will help you use Instagram analytics to take your stories to the next level. With consistent testing and optimization, the insights from Analytics can transform your content and viewership.

Let’s dive into the strategies and analytics-driven best practices that will give you an edge on Instagram and unlock better story results!

Hack 1: Check Story Views

• See which stories get the most views to identify popular topics to do more of.

By tracking which stories get the most views, you can identify what topics readers are interested in and create content that aligns with that. This will help you create more engaging content and potentially increase your readership.

How to check story view:

• Also, check watch time to see engaging content. 

Watch time is the amount of time users spend watching a video and is an essential metric for gauging engagement. Story view is the number of people who viewed a story or post, and is also a measure of engagement. Together, these metrics can help you better understand your audience.


Hack 2: View Story Exits

• High exit rates show where you’re losing people – fix boring sections. Analyze story exits to identify opportunities to improve engagement in your content. You can also use this information to determine where content is too lengthy or confusing and where it can be improved. Lastly, this data can also determine if users are dropping off at the same parts of the story.

Hack 3: Check Replies

• Replies and reactions mean engaging content. Replicate what connects.

Hack 4: Evaluate Traffic Sources

• See where you get story traffic from. Lean into what works.

Knowing where your traffic comes from is important because it lets you focus your efforts and resources on the platforms driving the most engagement. That way, you can maximize your content’s reach and target the right audiences. For example, suppose you get the highest engagement from one social media platform. In that case, you can invest more time and energy into creating content tailored to that platform.


Hack 5: Analyze Your Audience

• Look at demographics like age, gender, and location—Personalize content. 

Step 1: Gather data about your target audience. You can do this through surveys, research, and customer feedback. 

Step 2: Analyze the data to identify patterns and insights.

Step 3: Use the insights to create a persona or profile of your ideal customer. 

Step 4: Tailor your content to the interests and needs of this audience. 

Step 5: Track and measure the success of the content.

Hack 6: Track Highlights Performance

Your Stories Highlights are like an archive of your most engaging story content. Check the view counts on each highlight cover to identify your most popular topics and themes. If a highlight has many views, users are drawn to it. Create more Stories around those popular highlights topics to capitalize on what resonates with your audience. 

Hack 7: Use Insights to Guide Content

Let your Instagram analytics data guide your content decisions and strategy. The metrics will reveal what types of content get the highest engagement and watch time. Look at your top performing Stories regarding views, exits, comments, etc. Make more content consistent with those topics, formats, and styles. Double down on what is effective and avoid content that doesn’t resonate with.

Hack 8: Be Consistent

Posting Instagram Stories frequently and consistently will build your engagement and provide more data to analyze. Sporadic Stories make it challenging to spot trends. Aim to post at least one Story per day, ideally multiple Stories. This regular cadence keeps your followers expecting new content and gives you sufficient data to understand performance better.

Hack 9: Optimize Watch Time

Watch time is a crucial Instagram metric. The longer viewers watch your Story, the better. Use tactics like asking questions, embedding polls and quizzes, using captions, employing cliffhangers, and more to extend watch time. Structure your story with a strong beginning and end to hook viewers in and leave them satisfied. Avoid long, dull sections that drop watch time.

Hack 10: Check Trends

Stay on top of the latest news events, holidays, etc. And tie your content into them when it is appropriate. For example, post-Halloween-themed content in October or stories related to significant pop culture movie releases or celebrity news. Trendjacking helps you capitalize on what’s hot in the cultural zeitgeist right now, tapping into users’ inherent interests.


Instagram analytics provides invaluable data to take your Stories to the next level. Consistently checking the metrics and acting on the insights will transform your content. Continuous testing and optimization are essential. Employ the hacks covered to perfect your stories, keep viewers engaged, and boost your Instagram presence. The numbers don’t lie – let analytics guide your Instagram storytelling mastery!

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